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The Vicente Del Bosque F.A. Institution was born out of the desire to contribute through sport to a better world for the groups that need it most and to give back to society everything we have experienced in the professional world of sport and especially soccer. We believe that sport is a very powerful tool for social transformation.

UNICEF Vicente del Bosque Award
Vicente del Bosque


The Vicente Del Bosque F.A. INSTITUTION is a non-profit organization committed to the development of sports and educational programs for the most needy groups, young people with intellectual disabilities and families at risk of exclusion, whose objective is social integration through sports.

We also participate in the organization and development of sporting events and charity conferences with notable success in terms of participation and impact. Its intention is to support different charitable causes.

Mission Football Academy

Integration with education through sports so that they can face, with guarantees of success, the challenges they will face in the future.

Football Academy Vision

We promote collaboration agreements with representative entities in order to favor social integration to offer sports training experiences in values with an integral education.

Football Academy Values

Transmit the values of the sport represented by Mr. Vicente Del Bosque and by the members of the academy, as for example the UNICEF Award for sportsmanship and values in the InternationalTournament Donosti Cup 2019: Tolerance, respect, solidarity, friendship, fair play, integration, effort and happiness.

Vicente del Bosque Academy


Today, Don Vicente del Bosque is one of the most influential people in our country, and when accompanied by him, success is guaranteed.

Don Vicente Del Bosque as ambassador of the Down Syndrome Spain Foundation collaborates with the Summer Camps projects and the Academy in charitable activities in favor of the children of the foundation, creation of parks and gardens in children’s hospitals, as well as sports scholarships for families at risk of social exclusion or situations of vulnerability so that they can participate in the Academy’s programs.

History Football Academy



Football Academy Services

The event of Presentation at the headquarters of Banco Santander in Madrid in May, the MasterClass the Conference “Sport and Values”. at the Palacio de Congresos of Palma, the tournament Mallorca International Football Cup and the Vicente Del Bosque Campus throughout the country have been the most important events with the greatest repercussion in the national and regional media in this edition of the Academy.


The Football Academy and the Vicente Del Bosque Foundation in collaboration with the support of the administration and collaborating entities have carried out several social actions in order to bring the project of sports training in values to the whole society.

More than 150 sports scholarships have been offered to municipalities and collaborating entities in the venues of the Summer Camps Vicente Del Bosque 2022 with a value of more than 30,000€.

7 free masterclasses were organized throughout Spain with the participation of 560 children in the presence of Don Vicente Del Bosque and the Academy’s official technicians with a value of 8,400 euros

More than 245 children obtained discounts on registration fees for the Vicente Del Bosque Summer Camps (residents of the municipality, young people with disabilities and collaborating entities) with a value of 7,350€.

Mallorca International Football Cup

The new sporting, tourism and inclusive event of June 2022 offered free participation of 120 young people with intellectual disabilities and 70 women in the indoor soccer modadlidad in the event worth 19,000 euros.


The Vicente Del Bosque F.A. Foundation works hand in hand with entities that collaborate with sports training projects in values, creating alliances with a common objective: social integration through sports.

Football Academy Services

Vicente Del Bosque Award (Sports Values)

We believe that this initiative is inexorably linked to sports education in values, to grow as an athlete and as a person, so we will count on the award of Mr. Vicente Del Bosque to the entity that best represents the values of the sport, as we promote in the Vicente Del Bosque Football Academy.