What is the objective of the Vicente del Bosque Campus?

The objective of the Campus is to promote physical activity, camaraderie and the values that sport can bring at a time when new technologies try to separate young people from sport.

Do participants need to know how to play soccer?

It is not necessary to have a specific level to attend our Summer Camps, students are divided by age and level, they come to learn, enjoy and make friends.

Do they give you a sports kit?

A complete kit is given to you in the first week of registration, in the following weeks or renewals they will use the same kit delivered in the first week. It is possible to purchase an extra kit for subsequent weeks.

Can I change the dates of the reservation?

As long as there is availability, we will be happy to manage the change at no additional cost.

Can I ask for a place in the same group as another participant?

Yes, the only thing is that the age of the participants must be the same or similar so as not to interfere with the sports activity.

What are the sports activities developed by the participants?

In Mallorca there is the option of technical football.

Can my child bring the phone or tablet?

No, it is not necessary at all, the student comes to the campus to practice sports, in the event that the tutors need to communicate something, they will have a telephone to contact the coordinator directly.

Are parents allowed to be present during trainings?

If it is allowed, from the organization of the campus we do not recommend that families attend the trainings since it generally interferes in a negative way in them.

Who are the trainers and monitors that are with the participants?

All our coaches have a strong connection with sport, whether they are certified coaches, active players or graduates in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences.

In what language do coaches and participants communicate?

The general language will be Spanish, with at least 50% of the staff speaking English perfectly.

Can my child attend if they have any type of disability or illness?

Yes, as long as the disability does not seriously affect the mobility of the participant.

Does the student have to have health insurance?

It is not necessary, we insure all our participants with civil liability insurance, and in the unlikely event of an incident we will immediately contact the tutor.

If my child has a major medical problem, can he come to campus?

Yes, as long as it is controlled and compatible with physical activity.

How do I sign up for the Mallorca campus?

I can do it in the registration section of this website or by calling the contact telephone number +34 680 875 713 or the email pau.alberti@vicentedel Bosqueacademy.com

How do I make the payment?

The payment of the reservation must be made by bank card at the end of the registration or by transfer to the Santander Bank account: ES62 0049 1526 2425 1002 0274 . You must put as Concept : NAME AND SURNAME of the student + MALLORCA . The remaining amount will be paid on the first day of the start of the campus.

Can the registration be cancelled?

If you want to cancel the reservation, 50% of the registration will be refunded, as long as there are no less than 15 calendar days left before the start of the first week of the campus. In such case, the full amount will be forfeited.

Can discounts be accumulated?

It is not possible to accumulate discounts, you can choose the one that suits you best, but never accumulate them.

Can you send me a letter to process the visa?

Yes, we will need the student’s data, country of origin and motivation letter.

What material should the participants bring?

Participants must bring sports shoes (we recommend multi-stud soccer boots), sports shoes, swimsuit, sun cream, towel and flip-flops. We also recommend that you bring a mid-morning lunch.

What does the price include?

The Summer Camp includes:

  • Liability insurance.
  • 15 hours per week of soccer-specific training.
  • Adidas training kit.
  • Water, snack and snack.
  • Daily pool session (subject to facility availability).
  • Certificate of participation.

Do students eat on campus?

Only students who optionally contract the meal will eat.

How many participants is assigned to each coach?

Participants assigned to each coach: Coach rank 1 every 12 – 15 students.

From what age can I enroll my child?

The initial age to attend the Mallorca campus is 6 years old.

Do they have to bring sports equipment?

No, we provide all the sports equipment necessary for the development of sports activities.