Code of conduct

To ensure a cooperative and welcoming environment while on campus, all students must adhere to the following rules (to be read by the student and parent/guardian), which will be enforced and enforced by campus staff:

  • Respect and take care of all facilities and material at all times.
  • Take care of the environment and everything that surrounds it. Please always use the rubbish bins.
  • Follow the established program at all times.
  • Do not leave campus facilities without permission, ever.
  • Pay attention, listen and obey the camp staff, coaches, monitors and the campus director.
  • Do not use obscene or aggressive language, we all feel better if we are treated with good manners and affection.
  • Disrespect for racism, xenophobia, hatred, discrimination or bullying will be punishable by expulsion from the campus and being brought before the competent authorities.
  • Be courteous and respectful to other students and staff. All of us, monitors, coaches, trainers and campus staff, are here to make your participation in the campus as pleasant as possible.
  • Drugs and alcohol are absolutely prohibited.
  • The campus organization recommends not bringing valuables such as jewelry, electronic equipment (such as cameras, mobile phones, computers, tablets…). The Vicente Del Bosque Campus is not responsible for the damage, loss or theft of valuable personal property that is not necessary for campus activity.

All the staff is willing to listen to you and will treat you with respect, because you are the basis of the program and the first reason for our commitment to our work.

The following steps will be applied for inappropriate conduct:

Step 1 : The participant will receive a verbal warning and instructions to correct their behavior. The campus principal will be informed and the student will need to speak with the principal about the situation.

Step 2 : If the inappropriate behavior persists, then the student’s parents will be called and informed of the student’s actions.

Step 3 : Suspension or expulsion from campus will proceed, when the previous steps have failed with the participant in question and the rules and regulations continue to be constantly broken. Parents will be promptly informed of such expulsion and arrangements will be made for the participant to leave the Campus. Parents/legal guardians will be responsible for all charges.

The Campus reserves the right to expel any student from the course if the student does not comply with the above rules, or with any rule or if the student violates any Spanish law or regulation.

The Campus will not make refunds and will have no responsibility for the procedures or any costs and expenses. In the event that a student causes personal injury or damage to the property of third parties, all costs, responsibilities and expenses claimed from the Vicente Del Bosque Campus will be transferable to the student and his/her parents or representatives, who will not be able to exercise any recourse. against the campus organization.