Vicente Del Bosque visits his most international campus.

31 de julio de 2019

Don Vicente Del Bosque, coach of the Spanish National Soccer Team that won the 2010 World Championship and the 2012 Eurocup, visited last Wednesday at the magnificent facilities of Ágora Portals, the children participating in the event of 25 different nationalities five continents that have been part of the VII edition of the campus.

After attending the numerous media, Don Vicente Del Bosque has taken the traditional group photography with the boys and girls of the Vicente Del Bosque Campus, which is celebrated for 6 weeks between the months of June and August in Portals Nous and the “Women´s Football Mariona Caldentey & Patricia Guijarro” campus also organized by Vicente Del Bosque Football Academy.

Don Vicente has been very proud that in the last edition of the 2019 Donosti Cup, in which 641 teams from 27 countries participated, the three teams from the Vicente Del Bosque Academy being awarded the UNICEF prize for sportsmanship and values, aspects that are fundamental in this life as Don Vicente said.

Subsequently, he has given the participants in these campuses a magnificent talk of sports training in values transmitting his professional experience throughout his sports career as a player and coach, in which the students could ask about their experience and anecdotes of the selection Spanish to Salamanca technician.

To close the event, Don Vicente Del Bosque signed shirts, balls and boots of the participants and took a picture with each of them.

Colaboración LaLiga

Colaboración LaLiga

Don Vicente Del Bosque embajador de LA LIGA desde el año 2019 en programas que se promueven en este organismo, firma un convenio para la nueva iniciativa “Mallorca International Football Cup” organizado por Vicente Del Bosque Football Academy. LaLiga desea...

Official statement regarding COVID-19

Dear families, From the organization of the “Campus Vicente Del Bosque” we inform you that our concern for the health situation worldwide is evident, as it is to all of you, above all, we hope that the family and your closest relatives and friends are well. For us,...